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About Gnostyx

Gnostyx equips organizations with the tools and knowledge they need to make the most of their content.

A global, digital economy demands flexibility and efficiency in how organizations acquire, manage and publish content. To do this, organizations must tap into state-of-the-art content strategies, standards, and technologies. This presents a challenge. After twenty years of continuous innovation, there are many possible content tools and techniques to choose from. The question is how to bring these pieces together into a coherent and workable content solution. That’s where Gnostyx comes in.

What makes Gnostyx special?


The Gnostyx team has been actively using content technologies for over 20 years, giving it a solid base of experience from which to offer practical guidance.


The inter-disciplinary Gnostyx team brings together expertise from a range of fields critical to the design, development, and delivery of successful content solutions.


The Gnostyx team continually distills its knowledge and experience into an expanding array of technology components that accelerate content solution projects.

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What makes Content Solutions from Gnostyx special?


Gracefully adapts and extends to meet new or changing demands


Guarantees visibility and control over both system components and content assets


Carefully uses resources to save time and money in every operation


Facilitates rapid problem isolation and resolution when issues arise


Maximizes the returns realized on investments in modernized content assets and processes


Scales gracefully to meet escalating demands


Gnostyx helps organizations get the most out of their content by applying best-of-breed content standards, techniques and technologies. Improvement opportunities are typically sought in how organizations create and deliver documentation, define and govern their processes, assemble and leverage data sources, and publish and exchange information for customers and partners. Visit our Projects to learn more. Common deliverables prepared under Gnostyx services include:

  • Content strategies
  • Business cases
  • Cost estimates
  • Project plans
  • Content analysis reports
  • Content models
  • Content process designs
  • Content solution architectures
  • Content conversion processes
  • Content publishing stylesheets
  • Information prototypes
  • Technology selection criteria
  • eLearning solutions
  • Integrated content solutions

As a general practice, Gnostyx has found it to be highly beneficial to its customers to align their solution investments with key trends in the content management and publishing industry. Specifically, the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) open standard offers some important benefits including access to an active global community of practitioners, an expanding array of commercial and open source technology options, and a growing body of best practices focused on delivering effective multi-channel information experiences.

Under the umbrella of Lean DITA, Gnostyx offers a range of services that focus on specializing DITA content models, developing plug-ins for the DITA Open Toolkit (DITA OT), and implementing DITA-based solutions to cost-effectively meet organizational improvement goals.


Gnostyx delivers its technology innovations through two inter-related product offerings: Gnostyx Lab and Gnostyx Framework. These products address a key reality in that organizations are typically unfamiliar with content technologies and therefore understandably cautious about how they can be introduced, managed, and supported.

Gnostyx Lab

A collaborative workspace where stakeholders from across an organization can participate in the process of planning and tracking their initiatives, justifying their investments, analyzing content holdings, defining content requirements, designing content models, consulting reference materials, prototyping new information services, selecting technologies, and iteratively developing, testing, refining, and supporting, their content solutions. Through this collaborative workspace, organizations can also access a constantly evolving and expanding collection of Gnostyx tools that facilitate important steps in the content project lifecycle.

Gnostyx Framework

An implementation framework that organizes the deployment of content technology components so that the resulting content solutions will be cost-effective, scalable, and sustainable. This framework deploys a proven solution design pattern that helps organizations accelerate the pace at which they adopt, deploy, and leverage content technologies. The Gnostyx Framework also provides a structured deployment model that facilitates the integration and operation of open source components, third-party commercial products, and the Gnostyx tools, in a way that is efficient and effective, as well as adaptable and supportable.