Applied Content Technologies

Make the most of your content

About Content

Content is what an organization creates and communicates in order to leverage what it knows. Today content must move seamlessly amongst business units as well as back and forth with partners, prospects, customers, and even machines. For this to happen, content must become fully digital. This in turn calls for the deployment of integrated content solutions that can manage the full digital content lifecycle including its many endpoints.

About Gnostyx

Gnostyx equips organizations with the tools and knowledge to make the most of their content — enabling them to acquire and operate the integrated content solutions that both fit their business and drive concrete benefits. These types of solutions are not something that can just be dropped into place. So the emphasis for Gnostyx falls equally on setting balanced goals, acquiring digital content technologies, developing internal capabilities, grounding investments in best practices and current research, and directing all efforts towards outcomes that people really care about.



Gnostyx has been overseeing the evolution of content technologies and their deployment for over 30 years, giving it a solid base of experience from which to offer practical guidance.


Gnostyx maintains a strong knowledge leadership position in the content technologies industry through its ongoing research and development investments, academic collaborations, and publishing activities.


Gnostyx continually invests in technology components and methodology resources that accelerate content solution projects and implement hard-won industry best practices.



Gracefully adapts and extends to meet new or changing demands


Guarantees visibility and control over both system components and content assets


Fundamentally improves how an organization operates and how it engages with its customers


Facilitates ongoing innovation and rapid problem isolation and resolution when issues arise


Maximizes the returns realized on investments in modernized content assets and processes


Scales gracefully to meet escalating demands

Gnostyx Services

When it comes to modernizing how content is handled, and how content technologies are leveraged, organizations typically come to Gnostyx for help with the following activities:

  • Evaluating current capabilities
  • Identifying improvement opportunities
  • Developing strategic plans
  • Assessing investment alternatives
  • Designing content solutions
  • Estimating implementation costs
  • Preparing investment justifications
  • Acquiring content technologies
  • Mentoring content project teams
  • Guiding solution deployments

See the inventory of Solution Scenarios to learn more about the types of content solutions that organizations have historically found particularly valuable. The solution scenarios described are directly based on project experiences of Gnostyx.

Gnostyx Tools

Gnostyx has been assembling its investments in technology components and methodology resources into two inter-related tool offerings: Gnostyx Lab and Gnostyx Framework. Together these tools seek to ground the design, development, deployment, management, and evolution of content solutions on what has been learned over the last 30 years.

Gnostyx Lab

Gnostyx Lab focuses on content analysis and design activities — when organizations set out to define how content will be created, processed, and consumed. Reference models and test libraries are used to align early analysis and design activities with working examples that combine candidate content structures with initial authoring and publishing functionality. This is called information prototyping. This approach has been proven to be invaluable as stakeholders always relate better to working examples than to abstract diagrams. As happens in many areas, they will typically know what they want only when they see it.

Gnostyx Framework

Gnostyx Framework focuses on design, development, implementation, management, and evolution of content solutions themselves. Building on what has emerged from the Gnostyx Lab, the Gnostyx Framework guides how solution components will be designed and then integrated into an operational whole. Proven best practices are brought to bear that emphasize, among other things, the componentization of content solutions for maximum scalability, sustainability, and adaptability. One key practice is the development and maintenance of a complete working model of the solution using low-cost and open technologies. This "model implementation" is then used as a point of design reference when implementing a production version of the solution, one that often leverages commercial products. The model implementation is also used as part of the maintenance environment used to validate proposes solution changes and to troubleshoot problems that might (will) emerge in the production implementation.